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Windows Store onboarding for desktop apps


To get your desktop app listed in the Windows Store, find out here about the submission workflow and get some tips for preparing the required metadata.

Overview: Desktop app onboarding

  1. If you don't already have a hardware dashboard account or desktop dashboard account, you'll need to create one for your company on the desktop section of the Windows Dev Center. You'll use this account to get your app certified using the results from the Windows App Certification Kit. There is info in the Windows Dev Center to help you get started with using the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) and testing your app with the Windows App Certification Kit. Note that info on this site will change over time and be updated as Windows releases become available.

  2. Using the same hardware dashboard account or desktop dashboard account info, create a developer account for the Windows Store using the Store dashboard. Be sure to create your developer account as a Company so that you’ll be able to access the desktop app workflow.

  3. Sign in to the Store dashboard to submit your desktop app to the Windows Store. Both Windows Store apps and desktop apps are submitted for your Windows Store listing here. Once you have signed in, you'll see the Windows 8.1 desktop dashboard.

  4. To begin submitting apps to the Windows Store, go to the Store dashboard. The apps that have passed the Windows App Certification Kit appear in the Certified Apps section. Any app in this list may be submitted and listed in the Windows Store.

  5. Submit app metadata, including links to the acquisition pages for the app. See the complete walkthrough for details about these pages and to learn how to associate a new release with an app listing that you already have in the Windows Store. The metadata includes:

    • Name reservation
    • Selling details
    • Ratings
    • Description
    • Notes to reviewers
  6. After you have submitted metadata for your app, you will be guided through the steps for Windows Store certification.

  7. After Windows Store certification is complete and successful (including a metadata review), your app is listed in the Windows Store.

  8. When your app is listed, you can then manage your app via the Store dashboard.

In this section


Requirements and key concepts

A look at the core principles of the Windows Store app submission process.

Planning for market and language

Plan your market strategy and language support ahead of time.

Walkthrough: Desktop app submission

Move through the desktop app submission process one step at a time.

Checking app submission status

Check on the status of your recently submitted desktop app.


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