Tuner Properties

The PROPSETID_TUNER property set contains properties related to radio and TV tuners. The following tables describe the properties that are part of the PROPSETID_TUNER property set. The second table describes properties that are implemented for an AVStream minidriver that runs on Windows Vista and later.

PROPSETID_TUNER KS propertiesProperty description


Returns information on the capabilities of the tuner hardware, including the tuning modes that are supported, such as TV and radio tuning.


Controls the current TV channel or radio frequency.


Controls the input to the tuner device, such as coaxial cable or antenna tuner input.


Controls the tuning device mode, such as analog TV, digital TV, radio, or DSS.


Returns the capabilities for each individual tuning mode. Analog TV tuner capabilities that are returned can be different than radio tuning capabilities that are returned.


Returns an analog tuner's standard, such as NTSC, PAL, or SECAM.


Returns the current status of a tuner process, including current frequency, PLL offset, and signal strength.


Returns the pin medium for the intermediate frequency pin for tuner devices that support digital TV.


The following table describes the PROPSETID_TUNER properties that are new for Windows Vista.

PROPSETID_TUNER KS propertiesProperty description


Returns the supported broadcast network types and whether the tuning device can support signal scans and notifications about the scan results.


Returns the status of a signal scan.


Controls whether the tuner can automatically detect the tuner's standard from the signal.


Returns the scanning capabilities of a particular broadcast network type that the tuning device supports.




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