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CertStoreProvFindCert callback function

The CertStoreProvFindCert callback function enumerates or finds the first or next certificate in an external store that matches specified criteria.


BOOL WINAPI CertStoreProvFindCert(
  _In_    HCERTSTOREPROV              hStoreProv,
  _In_    PCCERT_CONTEXT              pPrevCertContext,
  _In_    DWORD                       dwFlags,
  _Inout_ void                        **ppvStoreProvFindInfo,
  _Out_   PCCERT_CONTEXT              *ppProvCertContext


hStoreProv [in]

HCERTSTOREPROV handle to a certificate store.

pFindInfo [in]

A pointer to a CERT_STORE_PROV_FIND_INFO structure containing all the parameters passed to the CertFindCertificateInStore function.

pPrevCertContext [in]

A pointer to a CERT_CONTEXT of the certificate found. On first call to the function, this parameter should be set to NULL. On subsequent calls, it should be set to the pointer returned in the ppProvCertContext parameter on the last call. A non-NULL pointer passed in this parameter is freed by the callback function.

dwFlags [in]

Any needed flag values.

ppvStoreProvFindInfo [in, out]

A pointer to a pointer to a buffer to return the store provider information. Optionally, the callback can return a pointer to internal find information in this parameter. After the first call, this parameter is set to the pointer returned by the previous call to the function.

ppProvCertContext [out]

On a successful find, a pointer to the certificate found is returned in this parameter.

Return value

Returns TRUE if the function succeeds or FALSE if it fails.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]

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