Metodo IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride

Metodo ItemsControl.IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride

Determines if the specified item is (or is eligible to be) its own container.

Spazio dei nomi: System.Windows.Controls
Assembly: PresentationFramework (in presentationframework.dll)

protected virtual bool IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride (
	Object item
protected boolean IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride (
	Object item
protected function IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride (
	item : Object
) : boolean
Non è possibile utilizzare metodi in XAML.



The item to check.

Valore restituito

Returns true if the item is (or is eligible to be) its own container; otherwise, false.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 è supportato in Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 e Windows Server 2003 SP1.

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