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Spazio dei nomi System.Windows

Provides several important Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) base element classes, various classes that support the WPF property system and event logic, and other types that are more broadly consumed by WPF core and framework.

Classe pubblicaApplicationEncapsulates a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application.
Classe pubblicaAttachedPropertyBrowsableAttributeProvides a base class for .NET Framework attributes that report the use scope of attached properties.
Classe pubblicaAttachedPropertyBrowsableForChildrenAttributeSpecifies that an attached property has a browsable scope that extends to child elements in the logical tree.
Classe pubblicaAttachedPropertyBrowsableForTypeAttributeSpecifies that an attached property is browsable only for elements that derive from a specified type.
Classe pubblicaAttachedPropertyBrowsableWhenAttributePresentAttributeSpecifies that an attached property is only browsable on an element that also has another specific  .NET Framework attribute applied to its class definition.
Classe pubblicaAutoResizedEventArgsProvides data for the AutoResized event raised by an HwndSource.
Classe pubblicaClipboardProvides static methods that facilitate transferring data to and from the system Clipboard.
Classe pubblicaColorConvertedBitmapExtensionImplements a markup extension that enables ColorConvertedBitmap creation. A ColorConvertedBitmap does not have a embedded profile, the profile instead being based on source and destination values.
Classe pubblicaComponentResourceKeyDefines or references resource keys based on class names in external assemblies, as well as an additional identifier.
Classe pubblicaConditionRepresents a condition for the MultiTrigger and the MultiDataTrigger, which apply changes to property values based on a set of conditions. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaConditionCollectionRepresents a collection of Condition objects.
Classe pubblicaContentElementProvides a WPF core-level base class for content elements. Content elements are designed for flow-style presentation, using an intuitive markup-oriented layout model and a deliberately simple object model.
Classe pubblicaContentOperationsProvides static utility methods for getting or setting the position of a ContentElement in an element tree.
Classe pubblicaCornerRadiusConverterConverts instances of other types to and from a CornerRadius.
Classe pubblicaCultureInfoIetfLanguageTagConverterConverts instances of CultureInfo to and from other data types.
Classe pubblicaDataFormatRepresents a data format as a format name and a numeric ID pair.
Classe pubblicaDataFormatsProvides a set of predefined data format names that can be used to identify data formats available in the clipboard or drag-and-drop operations.
Classe pubblicaDataObjectProvides a basic implementation of the IDataObject interface, which defines a format-independent mechanism for transferring data.
Classe pubblicaDataObjectCopyingEventArgsArguments for the DataObject.Copying event.
Classe pubblicaDataObjectEventArgsProvides an abstract base class for events associated with the DataObject class.
Classe pubblicaDataObjectPastingEventArgsContains arguments for the DataObject.Pasting event.
Classe pubblicaDataObjectSettingDataEventArgsContains arguments for the DataObject.SettingData event.
Classe pubblicaDataTemplateDescribes the visual structure of a data object.
Classe pubblicaDataTemplateKeyRepresents the resource key for the DataTemplate class.
Classe pubblicaDataTriggerRepresents a trigger that applies property values or performs actions when the bound data meets a specified condition.
Classe pubblicaDependencyObjectRepresents an object that participates in the dependency property system.
Classe pubblicaDependencyObjectTypeImplements an underlying type cache for all DependencyObject derived types.
Classe pubblicaDependencyPropertyRepresents a dependency property that is registered with the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) property system. Dependency properties provide support for value expressions, property invalidation and dependent-value coercion, default values, inheritance, data binding, animation, property change notification, and styling.
Classe pubblicaDependencyPropertyHelperProvides a single helper method (GetValueSource) that reports the property system source for the effective value of a dependency property.
Classe pubblicaDependencyPropertyKeyProvides a dependency property identifier for limited write access to a read-only dependency property.
Classe pubblicaDialogResultConverterConverts the DialogResult property, which is a Nullable value of type Boolean, to and from other types.
Classe pubblicaDragDropProvides helper methods and fields for initiating drag-and-drop operations, including a method to begin a drag-and-drop operation, and facilities for adding and removing drag-and-drop related event handlers.
Classe pubblicaDragEventArgsContains arguments relevant to all drag-and-drop events (DragEnter, DragLeave, DragOver, and Drop).
Classe pubblicaDurationConverterConverts instances of Duration to and from other type representations.
Classe pubblicaDynamicResourceExtensionImplements a markup extension that supports dynamic resource references made from XAML.
Classe pubblicaDynamicResourceExtensionConverterConverts from parsed XAML to DynamicResourceExtension and supports dynamic resource references made from XAML.
Classe pubblicaEventManagerProvides event-related utility methods that register routed events for class owners and add class handlers.
Classe pubblicaEventPrivateKeyProvides unique identification for events whose handlers are stored into an internal hashtable.
Classe pubblicaEventRoute Represents the container for the route to be followed by a routed event.
Classe pubblicaEventSetterRepresents an event setter in a style. Event setters invoke the specified event handlers in response to events.
Classe pubblicaEventTriggerRepresents a trigger that applies a set of actions in response to an event.
Classe pubblicaExceptionRoutedEventArgsProvides data for the Image and MediaElement failed events. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaExitEventArgsEvent arguments for the Exit event.
Classe pubblicaExpressionThis type supports the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Classe pubblicaExpressionConverterThis type supports the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Classe pubblicaFigureLengthConverterConverts instances of other types to and from a FigureLength.
Classe pubblicaFontSizeConverterConverts font size values to and from other type representations.
Classe pubblicaFontStretchConverterConverts instances of FontStretch to and from other type representations.
Classe pubblicaFontStretchesProvides a set of static predefined FontStretch values.
Classe pubblicaFontStyleConverterConverts instances of FontStyle to and from other data types.
Classe pubblicaFontStylesProvides a set of static predefined FontStyle values.
Classe pubblicaFontWeightConverterConverts instances of FontWeight to and from other data types.
Classe pubblicaFontWeightsProvides a set of static predefined FontWeight values.
Classe pubblicaFrameworkContentElementFrameworkContentElement is the WPF framework-level implementation of the ContentElement base class. FrameworkContentElement adds support for additional input APIs (including tooltips and context menus), storyboards, data context for databinding, styles support, and logical tree helper APIs.
Classe pubblicaFrameworkElementProvides a WPF framework-level set of properties, events, and methods for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) elements. This class represents the provided WPF framework-level implementation built on the WPF core-level APIs defined by UIElement.
Classe pubblicaFrameworkElementFactorySupports the creation of templates.
Classe pubblicaFrameworkPropertyMetadataReports or applies metadata for a dependency property, specifically adding framework-specific property system characteristics.
Classe pubblicaFrameworkTemplateEnables the instantiation of a tree of FrameworkElement and/or FrameworkContentElement objects. This class is abstract.
Classe pubblicaFreezableDefines an object that has a modifiable and a read-only (frozen) state. Classes that derive from Freezable provide detailed change notification, can be made immutable, and can clone themselves.
Classe pubblicaFreezableCollectionRepresents a collection of DependencyObject, Freezable, or Animatable objects. FreezableCollection is itself an Animatable type.
Classe pubblicaGiveFeedbackEventArgsContains arguments for the GiveFeedback event.
Classe pubblicaGridLengthConverterConverts instances of other types to and from GridLength instances.
Classe pubblicaHierarchicalDataTemplateRepresents a DataTemplate that supports HeaderedItemsControl, such as TreeViewItem or MenuItem.
Classe pubblicaInt32RectConverterConverts instances of other types to and from an Int32Rect.
Classe pubblicaKeySplineConverterConverts instances of other types to and from a KeySpline.
Classe pubblicaKeyTimeConverterConverts instances of KeyTime to and from other types.
Classe pubblicaLengthConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of a Double that represent an object's length.
Classe pubblicaLocalizabilityAttributeSpecifies the localization attributes for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.
Classe pubblicaLocalizationThe Localization class defines attached properties for localization attributes and comments.
Classe pubblicaLogicalTreeHelperProvides static helper methods for logical tree element queries.
Classe pubblicaLostFocusEventManagerProvides a WeakEventManager implementation so that you can use the "weak event listener" pattern to attach listeners for the UIElement.LostFocus or ContentElement.LostFocus events.
Classe pubblicaMediaScriptCommandRoutedEventArgsProvides data for the MediaElement.ScriptCommand and MediaPlayer.ScriptCommand events.
Classe pubblicaMessageBoxDisplays a message box. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaMultiDataTriggerRepresents a trigger that applies property values or performs actions when the bound data meet a set of conditions.
Classe pubblicaMultiTriggerRepresents a trigger that applies property values or performs actions when a set of conditions are satisfied.
Classe pubblicaNameScopeImplements base support for the INameScope methods that store or retrieve name-object mappings into a particular namescope, and adds attached property support to make it simpler to get or set identifier namescope information dynamically at the element level..
Classe pubblicaNullableBoolConverterConverts to and from the Nullable type (using the Boolean type constraint on the generic).
Classe pubblicaPointConverterConverts instances of other types to and from a Point.
Classe pubblicaPresentationSourceProvides an abstract base for classes that present content from another technology as part of an interoperation scenario. In addition, this class provides static methods for working with these sources, as well as the basic visual-layer presentation architecture.
Classe pubblicaPropertyMetadataDefines certain behavior aspects of a dependency property as it is applied to a specific type, including conditions it was registered with.
Classe pubblicaPropertyPathImplements a data structure for describing a property as a path below another property, or below an owning type. Property paths are used in data binding to objects, and in storyboards and timelines for animations.
Classe pubblicaPropertyPathConverterProvides a type converter for PropertyPath objects.
Classe pubblicaQueryContinueDragEventArgsContains arguments for the QueryContinueDrag event.
Classe pubblicaRectConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of Rect.
Classe pubblicaRequestBringIntoViewEventArgsProvides data for the FrameworkElement.RequestBringIntoView routed event.
Classe pubblicaResourceDictionaryProvides a hashtable / dictionary implementation that contains WPF resources used by components and other elements of a WPF application.
Classe pubblicaResourceKeyProvides an abstract base class for various resource keys.
Classe pubblicaResourceReferenceKeyNotFoundExceptionAn exception that may be raised during parsing or serialization of markup extension resources.
Classe pubblicaRoutedEventRepresents and identifies a routed event and declares its characteristics.
Classe pubblicaRoutedEventArgsContains state information and event data associated with a routed event.
Classe pubblicaRoutedPropertyChangedEventArgsProvides data about a change in value to a dependency property as reported by particular routed events, including the previous and current value of the property that changed.
Classe pubblicaSessionEndingCancelEventArgsContains the event arguments for the SessionEnding event.
Classe pubblicaSetterRepresents a setter that applies a property value.
Classe pubblicaSetterBaseRepresents the base class for value setters. This class is abstract.
Classe pubblicaSetterBaseCollectionRepresents a collection of SetterBase objects.
Classe pubblicaSizeChangedEventArgsProvides data related to the SizeChanged event.
Classe pubblicaSizeChangedInfoReport the specifics of a value change involving a Size. This is used as a parameter in OnRenderSizeChanged overrides.
Classe pubblicaSizeConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of the Size class. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaSourceChangedEventArgsProvides data for the SourceChanged event, used for interoperation. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaStartupEventArgsContains the arguments for the StartupUri event.
Classe pubblicaStaticResourceExtensionImplements a markup extension that supports static (load time) resource references made from XAML.
Classe pubblicaStrokeCollectionConverterConverts a StrokeCollection to a string.
Classe pubblicaStyleEnables the sharing of properties, resources, and event handlers between instances of a type.
Classe pubblicaStyleTypedPropertyAttributeRepresents an attribute that is applied to the class definition and determines the TargetTypes of the properties that are of type Style. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaSystemColorsContains system colors, system brushes, and system resource keys that correspond to system display elements.
Classe pubblicaSystemFontsContains properties that expose the system resources that concern fonts.
Classe pubblicaSystemParametersContains properties that you can use to query system settings.
Classe pubblicaTemplateBindingExpressionDescribes a run-time instance of a TemplateBindingExtension.
Classe pubblicaTemplateBindingExpressionConverterA type converter that is used to construct a markup extension from a TemplateBindingExpression instance during serialization.
Classe pubblicaTemplateBindingExtensionImplements a markup extension that supports the binding between the value of a property in a template and the value of some other exposed property on the templated control.
Classe pubblicaTemplateBindingExtensionConverterA type converter that is used to construct a TemplateBindingExtension from an instance during serialization.
Classe pubblicaTemplateKeyWhen used as a resource key for a data template, allows the data template to participate in the lookup process.
Classe pubblicaTemplatePartAttributeRepresents an attribute that is applied to the class definition to identify the types of the named parts that are used for templating. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaTextDecorationA TextDecoration object is a visual ornamentation you can add to text. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaTextDecorationCollectionRepresents a collection of TextDecoration instances.
Classe pubblicaTextDecorationCollectionConverterConverts instances of TextDecorationCollection from other data types.
Classe pubblicaTextDecorationsProvides a set of static predefined text decorations.
Classe pubblicaThemeDictionaryExtensionImplements a markup extension that enables application authors to customize control styles based on the current system theme.
Classe pubblicaThemeInfoAttributeSpecifies the location in which theme dictionaries are stored for types in an assembly. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaThicknessConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of Thickness.
Classe pubblicaTriggerRepresents a trigger that applies property values or performs actions conditionally.
Classe pubblicaTriggerActionDescribes an action to perform for a trigger.
Classe pubblicaTriggerActionCollectionRepresents a collection of TriggerAction objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe pubblicaTriggerBaseRepresents the base class for specifying a conditional value within a Style object.
Classe pubblicaTriggerCollectionRepresents a collection of TriggerBase objects.
Classe pubblicaUIElementUIElement is a base class for WPF core level implementations building on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) elements and basic presentation characteristics.
Classe pubblicaUIPropertyMetadata Provides property metadata for non-framework properties that do have rendering/user interface impact at the core level.
Classe pubblicaVectorConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a Vector.
Classe pubblicaWeakEventManagerProvides a base class for the event manager that is used in the WeakEvent pattern. The manager adds and removes listeners for events (or callbacks) that also use the pattern.
Classe pubblicaWeakEventManager.ListenerListProvides a built-in collection list for storing listeners for a WeakEventManager.
Classe pubblicaWindowProvides the ability to create, configure, show, and manage the lifetime of windows and dialog boxes.
Classe pubblicaWindowCollectionRepresents a collection of Window objects. This class cannot be inherited.

Interfaccia pubblicaIContentHostThis interface is implemented by layouts which host ContentElement.
Interfaccia pubblicaIDataObjectProvides a format-independent mechanism for transferring data.
Interfaccia pubblicaIFrameworkInputElementDeclares a namescope contract for framework elements.
Interfaccia pubblicaIInputElementEstablishes the common events and also the event-related properties and methods for basic input processing by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) elements.
Interfaccia pubblicaIWeakEventListenerProvides event listening support for classes that expect to receive events through the WeakEvent pattern and a WeakEventManager.

Struttura pubblicaCornerRadius Represents the radii of a rectangle's corners.
Struttura pubblicaDependencyPropertyChangedEventArgsProvides data for various property changed events. Typically these events report effective value changes in the value of a read-only dependency property. Another usage is as part of a PropertyChangedCallback implementation.
Struttura pubblicaDurationRepresents the duration of time that a Timeline is active.
Struttura pubblicaFigureLengthDescribes the height or width of a Figure.
Struttura pubblicaFontStretchDescribes the degree to which a font has been stretched compared to a font's normal aspect ratio.
Struttura pubblicaFontStyleDefines a structure that represents the style of a font face as normal, italic, or oblique.
Struttura pubblicaFontWeightRefers to the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.
Struttura pubblicaFreezableCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates the members of a FreezableCollection.
Struttura pubblicaGridLengthRepresents the length of elements that explicitly support Star unit types.
Struttura pubblicaInt32RectDescribes the width, height, and location of an integer rectangle.
Struttura pubblicaLocalValueEntryRepresents a property identifier and the property value for a locally set dependency property.
Struttura pubblicaLocalValueEnumeratorProvides enumeration support for the local values of any dependency properties that exist on a DependencyObject.
Struttura pubblicaPointRepresents an x- and y-coordinate pair in two-dimensional space.
Struttura pubblicaRectDescribes the width, height, and location of a rectangle.
Struttura pubblicaRoutedEventHandlerInfoThis type supports the WPF infrastructure and is not intended to be used by your code.
Struttura pubblicaSizeImplements a structure that is used to describe the Size of an object.
Struttura pubblicaTextDecorationCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates TextDecoration items in a TextDecoration.
Struttura pubblicaThicknessDescribes the thickness of a frame around a rectangle. Four Double values describe the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom sides of the rectangle, respectively.
Struttura pubblicaValueSourceReports the information returned from DependencyPropertyHelper.GetValueSource.
Struttura pubblicaVectorRepresents a displacement in 2-D space.

Delegato pubblicoAutoResizedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the AutoResized event as raised by HwndSource.
Delegato pubblicoCoerceValueCallbackProvides a template for a method that is called whenever a dependency property value is being re-evaluated, or coercion is specifically requested.
Delegato pubblicoDataObjectCopyingEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles DataObject.Copying events.
Delegato pubblicoDataObjectPastingEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles DataObject.Pasting events.
Delegato pubblicoDataObjectSettingDataEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles DataObject.SettingData events.
Delegato pubblicoDependencyPropertyChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the event raised when a DependencyProperty is changed on a DependencyObject.
Delegato pubblicoDragEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles drag-and-drop events (DragEnter, DragLeave, DragOver, and Drop).
Delegato pubblicoExitEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Exit event.
Delegato pubblicoGiveFeedbackEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles GiveFeedback events.
Delegato pubblicoPropertyChangedCallbackRepresents the callback that is invoked when the effective property value of a dependency property changes.
Delegato pubblicoQueryContinueDragEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles QueryContinueDrag events.
Delegato pubblicoRequestBringIntoViewEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the FrameworkElement.RequestBringIntoView event.
Delegato pubblicoRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the delegate for handlers that receive routed events.
Delegato pubblicoRoutedPropertyChangedEventHandlerRepresents methods that handle various routed events that track property value changes.
Delegato pubblicoSessionEndingCancelEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the SessionEnding event.
Delegato pubblicoSizeChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the SizeChanged event.
Delegato pubblicoSourceChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the SourceChanged event on specific listener elements.
Delegato pubblicoStartupEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Startup event.
Delegato pubblicoValidateValueCallbackRepresents a method used as a callback that validates the effective value of a dependency property.

Enumerazione pubblicaBaselineAlignmentDescribes how the baseline for a text-based element is positioned on the vertical axis.
Enumerazione pubblicaBaseValueSourceIdentifies the property system source of a particular dependency property value.
Enumerazione pubblicaColumnSpaceDistributionDescribes how to distribute space in columnated flow content.
Enumerazione pubblicaDragActionSpecifies how and if a drag-and-drop operation should continue.
Enumerazione pubblicaDragDropEffectsSpecifies the effects of a drag-and-drop operation.
Enumerazione pubblicaDragDropKeyStatesSpecifies the current state of the modifier keys (SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT), as well as the state of the mouse buttons.
Enumerazione pubblicaFigureHorizontalAnchorDescribes a position reference for a figure in a horizontal direction.
Enumerazione pubblicaFigureUnitTypeDescribes the unit type associated with the width or height of a FigureLength.
Enumerazione pubblicaFigureVerticalAnchor Describes the point of reference of a figure in the vertical direction.
Enumerazione pubblicaFlowDirectionDefines constants that specify the content flow direction for text and user interface (UI) elements.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontCapitalsDescribes the capital letter style for a Typography object.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontEastAsianLanguageProvides a mechanism for the user to select font-specific versions of glyphs for a specified East Asian writing system or language.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontEastAsianWidthsProvides a mechanism for the user to select glyphs of different width styles.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontFractionDescribes the fraction style for a Typography object.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontNumeralAlignmentDescribes the numeral alignment for a Typography object.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontNumeralStyleDescribes the numeral style for a Typography object.
Enumerazione pubblicaFontVariantsRenders variant typographic glyph forms.
Enumerazione pubblicaFrameworkPropertyMetadataOptionsSpecifies the types of framework-level property behavior that pertain to a particular dependency property in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) property system.
Enumerazione pubblicaGridUnitTypeDescribes the kind of value that a GridLength object is holding.
Enumerazione pubblicaHorizontalAlignmentIndicates where an element should be displayed on the horizontal axis relative to the allocated layout slot of the parent element.
Enumerazione pubblicaInheritanceBehaviorIndicates the current mode of lookup for both property value inheritance and resource lookup.
Enumerazione pubblicaLineBreakConditionDescribes the breaking condition around an inline object.
Enumerazione pubblicaLineStackingStrategy Describes a mechanism by which a line box is determined for each line.
Enumerazione pubblicaLocalizationCategorySpecifies the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.
Enumerazione pubblicaMessageBoxButtonSpecifies the buttons that are displayed on a message box. Used as an argument of the Show method.
Enumerazione pubblicaMessageBoxImageSpecifies the icon that is displayed by a message box.
Enumerazione pubblicaMessageBoxOptionsSpecifies special display options for a message box.
Enumerazione pubblicaMessageBoxResultSpecifies which message box button that a user clicks. MessageBoxResult is returned by the Show method.
Enumerazione pubblicaModifiabilitySpecifies the modifiability value of a LocalizabilityAttribute for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.
Enumerazione pubblicaPowerLineStatusIndicates whether the system power is online, or that the system power status is unknown.
Enumerazione pubblicaReadabilitySpecifies the readability value of a LocalizabilityAttribute for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.
Enumerazione pubblicaReasonSessionEndingSpecifies the reason for which the user's session is ending. Used by the ReasonSessionEnding property.
Enumerazione pubblicaResizeModeSpecifies whether a window can be resized and, if so, how it can be resized. Used by the ResizeMode property.
Enumerazione pubblicaResourceDictionaryLocationSpecifies the locations where theme resource dictionaries are located.
Enumerazione pubblicaRoutingStrategyIndicates the routing strategy of a routed event.
Enumerazione pubblicaShutdownModeSpecifies how an application will shutdown. Used by the ShutdownMode property.
Enumerazione pubblicaSizeToContentSpecifies how a window will automatically size itself to fit the size of its content. Used by the SizeToContent property.
Enumerazione pubblicaTemplateKey.TemplateTypeDescribes the different types of templates that use TemplateKey.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextAlignmentSpecifies whether the text in the object is left-aligned, right-aligned, centered, or justified.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextDataFormatSpecifies the data format of the text data.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextDecorationLocationSpecifies the vertical position of a TextDecoration object.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextDecorationUnitSpecifies the unit type of a TextDecoration pen offset or pen thickness value.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextMarkerStyleDescribes the appearance of a list item's bullet style.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextTrimmingDescribes how text is trimmed when it overflows the edge of its containing box.
Enumerazione pubblicaTextWrapping Specifies whether text wraps when it reaches the edge of the containing box
Enumerazione pubblicaVerticalAlignmentDescribes how a child element is vertically positioned or stretched within a parent's layout slot.
Enumerazione pubblicaVisibilitySpecifies the display state of an element.
Enumerazione pubblicaWindowStartupLocationSpecifies the position that a window will be shown in when it is first opened. Used by the WindowStartupLocation property.
Enumerazione pubblicaWindowStateSpecifies whether a window is minimized, maximized, or restored. Used by the WindowState property.
Enumerazione pubblicaWindowStyleSpecifies the type of border that a Window has. Used by the WindowStyle property.
Enumerazione pubblicaWrapDirectionSpecifies the allowable directions that content can wrap around an object.

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