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Classe HostedTransportConfiguration

Provides transport-specific configuration for transport implementations hosted in Windows Process Activation Service (WAS).

Spazio dei nomi: System.ServiceModel.Activation
Assembly: System.ServiceModel (in system.servicemodel.dll)

public abstract class HostedTransportConfiguration
public abstract class HostedTransportConfiguration
public abstract class HostedTransportConfiguration
Non applicabile.

Transports that support process activation using the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) use WAS site bindings to store information about the network addresses on which the transport is listening. The transport implementation is responsible for reading this information from the ApplicationHost.config file and for constructing a set of base address URIs that can then be passed to the constructor of ServiceHostBase. The process by which these base addresses are constructed is transport protocol specific. Implementations of a transport that support WAS activation must provide an implementation that derives from HostedTransportConfiguration to encapsulate this logic. For more information about the use of this class, see the UDP Activation sample, which demonstrates how to create a custom user datagram protocol (UDP) to be activated by WAS.


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