FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors Proprietà
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Proprietà SqlConnection.FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors


Ottiene o imposta la proprietà FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors.

Spazio dei nomi:   System.Data.SqlClient
Assembly:  System.Data (in System.Data.dll)

public bool FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors { get; set; }

Valore proprietà

Type: System.Boolean

true se la proprietà FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors è stata impostata; in caso contrario, false.

When you set FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors to true, errors that were previously treated as exceptions are now handled as InfoMessage events.All events fire immediately and are handled by the event handler.If is FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors is set to false, then InfoMessage events are handled at the end of the procedure.


An error with a severity level of 17 or above that causes the server to stop processing the command needs to be handled as an exception.In this case, an exception is thrown regardless of how the error is handled in the InfoMessage event.

For more information on working with events, see Eventi di connessione.For more information on errors generated by the SQL Server engine, see SQL Server Books Online.

.NET Framework
Disponibile da 2.0
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