InstanceName Element (ICF)

SQL Server 2005

Specifies the logical name for the instance of Notification Services.


Characteristic Description

Data type

string, between 1 and 64 characters in length.

Default value



Required once per NotificationServicesInstance element.


Cannot be modified when updating the instance.

Relationship Elements

Parent element

NotificationServicesInstance Element (ICF)

Child elements


Each instance of Notification Services on a computer must have a unique name, which is not case-sensitive. For example, MyInstance and myinstance are not considered unique names. The commands used to create and register instances are not case-sensitive.

Because this name is used for database objects, follow the Microsoft SQL Server rules for regular identifiers. Do not use SQL Server reserved keywords or special characters, such as /, \, [, ], ", and '. For more information about SQL Server identifiers, see Identificatori.

This example shows how to specify an instance name of StockInstance.


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