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Adding Certifications

After you create a company marketing profile in Manage Pinpoint, make your profile more appealing and relevant to customers by adding information about the app certifications you support as a Microsoft Partner. You can also submit an application for certification.

Mt156991.wedge(en-us,WIN.10).gifAdd app certifications

  1. When you earn a Microsoft certification for your app or service, it adds a symbol of quality that can differentiate your product in the marketplace. For more information about certification, see the Enterprise Cloud Application Logo Certification Program.
  2. To submit certifications in the app or service profile, you must set the following properties.

    Type of app certificationRequired properties

    Windows Server or System Center

    When you create the app profile, set the App Type to Windows Server or System Center.

    SQL Server

    In the Works with these Microsoft products or technologies list, select any SQL Server option.

    Azure SQL Database

    In the Works with these Microsoft products or technologies list, select any SQL Server option.


    Version number

    Customer resources - Support and training


  3. Copy the application or service ID from the app details page or from the certifications page for your app.
  4. Download the test tool kit and Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) Test Requirements, test your app, review the test report, and create a test results package. The test tools require the application or service ID that you copied in the previous step:
    App typeCertification optionsTest tool

    Windows Server

    Windows Server Hyper-V

    MPR Test Tool for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Hyper-V

    MPR Test Tool for Linux Virtual Machines on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

    System Center

    System Center

    MPR Test Tool for System Center Operations Manager Management Pack
    SQL ServerSQL Server

    MPR Test Tool for SQL Server 2016

    MPR Test Tool for SQL Server 2014

    MPR Test Tool for SQL Server 2012

    Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database

    Certification Test Tool for Azure SQL Database


    If your app does not pass, fix the issues, and run the test again until it passes.
  5. In Manage Pinpoint, click the Apps tab, select your app, then select Certifications.
  6. For a certification option, click Choose file, and select the test results package that the test tool created.
    Note  You can submit a certification request for a newer product when selecting any certification option. For example, you can submit test results for SQL Server 2016 or Azure SQL Database certification to the SQL Server 2014 certification option.
  7. Click Pay to pay the certification fee.
  8. Click Submit for approval. If the Submit for approval button is grayed-out, please make sure you completed and saved the app properties, details, pricing, and availability. Your app and details must be approved before they are published on Pinpoint or in other marketplaces.

    Verification may take up to 72 hours. You’ll receive an email with the certification approval status.

    • If you are earning credits toward a Microsoft Partner Network competency, you will also see the application testing credit.

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