Amplify your success

Microsoft Go-To-Market Services is your dedicated team to help make you and your application successful. Our services scale along with you, giving you support to gain awareness, land new customers, and more.

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Attract customers

Gain valuable exposure through social media and launch promotion, premium marketplace listings, advertising and search, and lead generation.

Engage users

Connect with more potential buyers and can enable access to Microsoft's customer base through 30,000+ Microsoft sellers. Our team aids you in customer engagement with sales enablement and platform certification to build confidence in your application.

Accelerate growth

Grow your business. Cross-border expansion programs help you enter new markets, and BizSpark provides you with free software and services.

Expand partnership

Receive assistance from design to marketing. Collaborate on business design for your application while getting engineering support and technical advice directly from Microsoft. You can connect with partners for support and networking on the Microsoft Partner Network.

Partner Video Spotlight: Episerver

See how Episerver leveraged Microsoft Azure to innovate a new development standard for content creation, commerce, and marketing in the digital cloud. Episerver’s overall aim is to enable big companies to move more quickly, and that’s why Microsoft’s support is so important.

Episerver video

Commercial app builders

Explore commercial resources designed to attract and engage customers, accelerate growth, and expand partnership.

Consumer app builders

Explore consumer resources designed to attract and engage users, optimize for success, and grow partnerships.

“We experienced a 50% increase in our quarter over quarter cloud revenue growth through joint go-to-market effort with Microsoft and focus on the Azure Marketplace.”

BJ Jenkins, CEO, Barracuda