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Create a New Hardware Certification Submission

To prepare your hardware for Windows Hardware Certification, you must create and submit an .hckx file. This file is created using the Windows Hardware Certification Kit Studio and contains all of the test results, drivers, and optional symbols for your product. Submitting this file allows the dashboard to review your test results, evaluate any drivers tested, and return Microsoft digitally signed catalog files.

To create a submission file

For information about creating and digitally signing the .hckx submission file, see the Windows Hardware Certification Step-by-Step Guide.

To submit a file

  1. Sign in to the dashboard with your Microsoft account, and then click Hardware certification.

  2. On the Hardware certification page, in the Create submission tile, click Create a new HCK submission.

  3. On the Create HCK submission page, browse to the .hckx file that you want to submit, select the file, and then click Next.

  4. On the Product info page, complete the following information:


    Field Description

    Device Type (device submissions only)

    Indicate if your device is:

    • An internal component, if your device is part of a system and connects inside the PC.

    • An external component, if your device is an external device (peripheral) that connects to a PC.

    • Both, if your device can be connected internally (inside a PC) and externally (peripheral).

    Product Type

    For each operating system you tested, select the type that best describes your product. This selection controls how your product is listed in the Windows Hardware catalogs, if you choose to announce your product's certification.

    Billing group

    Select the appropriate billing group from the list. (Required)

    PO number

    Enter the purchase order number for the submission. (Optional)


    The list of operating systems and architectures you've already tested.

    For Windows XP, Windows XP (x64), and Windows 2000, you can also select one or more earlier versions if the Winqual Submission Tool (WST) determined that your driver is properly decorated for one or more of those operating systems. They aren't certified, but Microsoft signs your driver for the specified operating system at no cost to you. (Optional)

    Product name

    Enter a name for the product. (Required for all device and system submissions)

    Marketing name

    Enter a marketing name and part number, if available, and select the locales that you want to submit for certification. (Optional)

    Device metadata category

    Select an icon for your device from a list of default icons based on your device category. This determines which icon appears in Devices and Printers. (Required for device submissions only.)

    For information about delivering a rich experience with Windows Device Stage, see Device Metadata.

    Distribution to Windows Update

    Enter the date you want your drivers to be released. They become available to users the next day. (Optional)

    Publication into various catalogs

    Confirm that you want an announcement of your product included on the Windows Server Catalog, the Windows Certified Product List, and CNET, and enter the date when you want this to happen. (Optional)

  5. On the Confirm page, review the details, and then click Submit.

  6. On the Upload page, browse for the .hckx file that you created using Windows HCK Studio, and then click Upload.

  7. When the submission completes, you and your administrator receive an email containing the verification results.

  8. Review the results, and, if you choose, make changes to your product and resubmit.

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