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Applying a View Profile

You can select the way that Windows® Performance Analyzer (WPA) opens your recordings by applying a view profile. You can apply the view profile either for all recordings or for a specific type of recording. This includes layout changes, such as closing, docking, or undocking windows. You can also select the graphs and data tables that appear on the Analysis tab.

Whether you want to create a profile that you can apply to specific types of recordings or change the startup profile, you must first set the layout the way that you want it.

You can select the windows that appear on the Window menu. You can move displayed windows, undocking the windows completely or docking the windows in a different location.

You can also drag graphs from the Graph Explorer window to the Analysis tab. You can then use the layout icons to select whether only the graph, only the data table, or both are displayed.

Once you have configured the view layout as you want, you can save the profile to apply later. To do this, click Export on the Profiles menu.

Later, when you are ready to apply the profile, click Apply on the Profiles menu, select the profile that you created, and then click Open.

If you want to change the startup profile for all recordings, set the layout in the way you want, and then click Save Startup Profile on the Profiles menu.

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