UMDF Based on COM Subset

[This topic applies to UMDF 1.x.]

The framework objects and interfaces are based on the Component Object Model (COM) for the following reasons:

  • COM is familiar to many applications programmers.

  • C++ is the preferred language for programming COM applications.

  • COM interfaces enable logical groupings of functions, so that the device driver interface (DDI) is easy to understand and navigate.

  • Using COM enables the DDI to extend and evolve without requiring existing driver DLLs to be recompiled.

  • Numerous tools, including Microsoft Visual Studio and active template library (ATL), support COM-based applications and objects.

The framework uses only a small subset of COM; it does not depend on the entire COM infrastructure and runtime library. Instead, the framework uses only the query-interface and reference-counting features. Every framework interface derives from IUnknown and therefore supports the QueryInterface, AddRef, and Release methods by default. The AddRef and Release methods manage object lifetime. The QueryInterface method enables other components to determine which interfaces the driver supports.



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