Version Numbers for Audio Drivers

Windows operating systems support three types of audio driver models: the VxD, WDM, and NT4 (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0) driver models. The version number that you assign to your audio adapter driver depends on the driver model that you use, the Windows release that you target, and perhaps the Microsoft DirectX release as well. The following four tables list driver version numbers by driver model.

Driver Model: VxD Drivers for Windows 95

DirectX ReleaseDriver Version Numbers

Windows 95 without DirectX support to

DX1 to

DX2 to

DX3 to

DX5 to

DX6 to


Driver Model: VxD Drivers for Windows 98

DirectX ReleaseDriver Version Numbers

DX5 to

DX6 to


Driver Model: WDM Drivers for Windows Me/98, and Windows 2000 and Later

Windows ReleaseDriver Version Numbers

Windows 98 to

Windows 2000 to

Windows Me to

Windows XP to

Windows Vista to

Windows 7 to

Windows 8 to


Driver Model: NT4 Drivers (Windows NT 4.0 Only)

Windows ReleaseDriver Version Numbers

Windows NT 4.0 to


For device drivers that do not support DirectX, the version number should be greater than or equal to and less than or equal to Device drivers that support DirectX version 1.0 should have a version number in the range to Device drivers that support later versions of DirectX should have version numbers in the range appropriate for the distributed version of DirectX, as shown in the preceding tables.

All WDM drivers should have version numbers that are greater than or equal to, which is the low end of the Windows 98 version-number range.

Note that WDM drivers that are written for earlier versions of Windows run correctly on later versions as well. For example, a WDM driver that is written to run in Windows 2000 also runs in Microsoft Windows XP and later.

DirectX Version 1.0 drivers work in systems with DirectX 2.0 installed. However, DirectX 2.0 drivers do not work correctly unless DirectX 2.0 is installed. The same is true for DirectX 3.0 and later releases.

A cross-platform driver should set its version number to the highest version number for the platforms on which the driver runs. For example, a vendor should use a driver-version number of 5.00.00.Xxxx for a driver that supports Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows Me.

This section includes:

Internal and External Version Numbers

INF Driver-Version Entry

DirectX File Version Numbers



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