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MsiFiler.exe populates the File table with file versions, languages, and sizes based upon a source directory. It can also update the MsiFileHash table with file hashes.


msifiler.exe -d {database} [-v] [-h] [-s ALTSOURCE]

Command Line Options

Msifiler.exe uses the following case-insensitive command line options. A slash delimiter may also be used in place of a dash.

-ddatabaseThe database (.msi file) that is to be updated.
-vUse verbose mode.
-hPopulate the MsiFileHash table. This creates the table if it does not already exist. The MsiFileHash table can only be used with unversioned files.
-sALTSOURCEALTSOURCE specifies an alternative directory to find the files.


This tool is only available in the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers.

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