WinJS.UI.Pages Namespace

Provides methods for defining and displaying Windows Library for JavaScript Pages.

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define function

Creates a new page control from the specified URI that contains the specified members. Multiple calls to this method for the same URI are allowed, and all members will be merged.

error function

Called if any error occurs during the processing of the page.

get function

Gets an already-defined page control for the specified URI, or creates a new one.

init function

Initializes the control before the content of the control is set. Use the processed method for any initialization that should be done after the content of the control has been set.

load function

Creates a copy of the DOM elements from the specified URI.

processed function

Initializes the control after the content of the control is set.

ready function

Called after all initialization and rendering is complete. At this time, the element is ready for use.

render function

Renders the control, typically by adding the elements specified in the loadResult parameter to the specified element.




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