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color media feature

Describes the number of bits per color component of the output device. If the device is not a color device, the value is zero.

Possible values

  • Value: <integer>
  • Applies to: visual media types
  • Accepts min/max prefixes: yes


The specified integer value can't be negative.

If different color components are represented by different numbers of bits, the smallest number is used.

In a device with indexed colors, the minimum number of bits per color component in the lookup table is used.


The following two declarations both indicate that a style sheet applies to all color devices.

@media all and (color) { 
@media all and (min-color: 1) { 

The following declaration indicates that a style sheet applies to color devices with 2 or more bits per color component.

@media all and (min-color: 2) { 



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