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InkPresenter control design guidelines for Windows Phone

July 21, 2014

Applies to: Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 | Windows Phone OS 7.1

The InkPresenter control provides a rudimentary drawing surface to collect strokes within a canvas control. The InkPresenter control doesn’t support handwriting recognition.


InkPresenter control

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The InkPresenter control can translate touch gestures into ink strokes. You can use it alone or on top of other content.

An InkPresenter control receives input when a user moves a finger over the control, and then the control displays ink in response. During finger movement, the InkPresenter control creates strokes that can be manipulated either programmatically or based on user input. When the control creates a stroke object, the InkPresenter control can enable users to delete it.

Use the InkPresenter control to let users draw on the Windows Phone screen by using their finger.

InkPresenter controls enable users to draw strokes and other elements, which makes it ideal for enabling users to draw on visual items, such as editing pictures or highlighting text.

The InkPresenter control is a blank canvas. You can programmatically add new content and change basic behaviors by manipulating the Strokes collection.

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