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XmlDictionaryReader, classe

An abstract class that the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) derives from in order to do serialization and deserialization.

Espace de noms: System.Xml
Assembly : System.Runtime.Serialization (dans system.runtime.serialization.dll)

public abstract class XmlDictionaryReader : XmlReader
public abstract class XmlDictionaryReader extends XmlReader
public abstract class XmlDictionaryReader extends XmlReader
Non applicable.

Methods in this class read XmlDictionary objects.

This class is derived from XmlReader.

Note that there is a known issue with the normalization of linefeed characters inside of CDATA sections that you may encounter.


Les membres statiques publics (Shared en Visual Basic) de ce type sont thread-safe. Il n'est pas garanti que les membres d'instance soient thread-safe.

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