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System.Workflow.Runtime.DebugEngine, espace de noms

Contains classes and interfaces for use in debugging workflow instances.

Classe publiqueDebugControllerRelays workflow instance creation, execution and termination events to the debugger process. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueWorkflowDebuggerSteppingAttributeSpecifies the debug stepping behavior for composite activities whose child activities can execute concurrently.

Interface publiqueIExpressionEvaluationFrameDefines the interface implemented by the workflow expression evaluation component that provides a context frame for expression evaluation.
Interface publiqueIInstanceTableReserved for future use.
Interface publiqueIWorkflowDebuggerDefines the interface that receives workflow instance creation, execution and termination status information from a DebugController object running inside the workflow host application.
Interface publiqueIWorkflowDebuggerServiceNotifies workflow debugger that code condition evaluation events have occurred.

Structure publiqueActivityHandlerDescriptorSpecifies the code-beside handler information in the BeforeHandlerInvoked and UpdateHandlerMethodsForActivity methods.

Délégué publicDebugEngineCallbackReferences a callback method that is invoked by the workflow expression evaluation component.

Énumération publiqueWorkflowDebuggerSteppingOptionSpecifies how the workflow debugger will step through concurrently executing child activities of a composite activity.