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ExecutionType, énumération

Specifies the execution mode for activities.

Espace de noms: System.Workflow.Activities
Assembly : System.Workflow.Activities (dans system.workflow.activities.dll)

public enum ExecutionType
public enum ExecutionType
public enum ExecutionType

 Nom de membreDescription
ParallelExecutes activities in parallel. 
SequenceExecutes activities in sequential order. Each activity is executed in turn, after the previous activity has finished running.  

The following code example shows how to set the execution mode for activities using the ExecutionType enumeration. This code example is part of the Replicator SDK Sample from the simplereplicatorworkflow.cs file. For more information, see Using Replicator.

this.ReplicatorWork.ExecutionType = System.Workflow.Activities.ExecutionType.Sequence;
this.ReplicatorWork.Name = "ReplicatorWork";
this.ReplicatorWork.ChildInitialized += new System.EventHandler<System.Workflow.Activities.ReplicatorChildEventArgs>(this.ChildInitializer);
this.ReplicatorWork.SetBinding(System.Workflow.Activities.ReplicatorActivity.InitialChildDataProperty, ((System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityBind)(activityBind1)));

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