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IInputElement, interface

Establishes the common events and also the event-related properties and methods for basic input processing by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) elements.

Espace de noms: System.Windows
Assembly : PresentationCore (dans presentationcore.dll)

public interface IInputElement
public interface IInputElement
public interface IInputElement
Les interfaces ne peuvent pas être utilisées directement dans XAML ; consultez les types qui implémentent cette interface.

RemarqueImportant :

Although this interface is public, it is not intended to be implemented in application or framework-building scenarios. This interface is public because of the inheritance requirements for connecting the WPF core to the WPF framework. You can also use this interface as a casting mechanism to enforce that the input events and properties will come from either a FrameworkElement or FrameworkContentElement, which can be handled in the same input model. For more information, see WPF Architecture and also see Base Elements Overview.

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