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FrameworkElement.FindName, méthode

Finds an element that has the provided identifier name.

Espace de noms: System.Windows
Assembly : PresentationFramework (dans presentationframework.dll)

public Object FindName (
	string name
public Object FindName (
	String name
public function FindName (
	name : String
) : Object
Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser des méthodes dans XAML.



The name of the requested element.

Valeur de retour

The requested element. This can be référence Null (Nothing en Visual Basic) if no matching element was found.

If the element has child elements, these child elements are all searched recursively for the requested named element.

FindName operates within the current element's namescope. For details, see WPF Namescopes.

This example describes how to use the FindName method to find an element by its Name value.

In this example, the method to find a particular element by its name is written as the event handler of a button. stackPanel is the Name of the root FrameworkElement being searched, and the example method then visually indicates the found element by casting it as TextBlock and changing one of the TextBlock visible UI properties.

void Find(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    object wantedNode = stackPanel.FindName("dog");
    if (wantedNode is TextBlock)
        // Following executed if Text element was found.
        TextBlock wantedChild = wantedNode as TextBlock;
        wantedChild.Foreground = Brushes.Blue;

For the complete sample, see Searching for an Element Sample.

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