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IItemContainerGenerator, interface

An interface that is implemented by classes which are responsible for generating user interface (UI) content on behalf of a host.

Espace de noms: System.Windows.Controls.Primitives
Assembly : PresentationFramework (dans presentationframework.dll)

public interface IItemContainerGenerator
public interface IItemContainerGenerator
public interface IItemContainerGenerator
Les interfaces ne peuvent pas être utilisées directement dans XAML ; consultez les types qui implémentent cette interface.

ItemsControl is the base class for containing and displaying one or more data items. ItemContainerGenerator maintains an association between ItemsControl and the list of items that are displayed by ItemsControl. ItemContainerGenerator is also responsible for generating the UI for those items on behalf of ItemsControl. Panel, VirtualizingPanel, and VirtualizingStackPanel also use ItemContainerGenerator for the same reason.

ItemContainerGenerator implements IItemContainerGenerator and is the interface through which each of the mentioned layout elements communicate with ItemContainerGenerator.

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