Labs.Components Variables

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Variable declarations for the Lab.Components module.

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We provide the declarations and descriptions for variables in the Lab.Components module of the LabsJS API. In fact, these variable are actually just constants that we use to define the respective types.

var ActivityComponentInstanceType: string

The name of the activity component instance. An activity component presents an activity that the user must complete.

var ChoiceComponentInstanceType: string

The name of the choice component instance. A choice component has multiple choice options and supports zero or more responses. Optionally there is a correct list of choices.

var DynamicComponentInstanceType: string

The name of the dynamic component instance. A dynamic component allows for new components to be inserted within it.

var ActivityComponentType: string

Type string to use with an activity component.

var ChoiceComponentType: string

Type string to use with a choice component.

var Infinite: number

Data container.

var DynamicComponentType: string

Type string to use with a dynamic component.

var InputComponentType: string

Type string to use with an input component.

var InputComponentInstanceType: string

The name of the input component instance. An input component is a component that allows free form input from a user.