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SPDatabaseSprocsSequence properties

SharePoint 2013

The SPDatabaseSprocsSequence type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Protected property Actions Gets the actions for the action sequence. (Inherited from SPActionSequence.)
Public property Applicable Obsolete. Reserved for internal use. This property is deprecated. (Inherited from SPSequence.)
Public property BackwardsCompatibleSchemaVersion The smallest backwards compatible schema version (Inherited from SPDatabaseSequence.)
Public property BuildVersion
Public property CanUpgrade (Overrides SPSequence.CanUpgrade.)
Public property ContinueOnFailure (Overrides SPSequence.ContinueOnFailure.)
Protected property Database Property for typed upgradable object. (Inherited from SPDatabaseSequence.)
Protected property DatabaseConnectionString Gets the connection string for the database that is being upgraded. (Inherited from SPDatabaseSequence.)
Protected property HierarchyManager Gets the SPHierarchyManager object used by the SPSequence object. (Inherited from SPSequence.)
Protected property Id Gets the ID of the sequence. (Inherited from SPSequence.)
Public property IsApplicable Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the sequence is applicable to the current object. (Inherited from SPSequence.)
Public property IsBackwardsCompatible (Inherited from SPDatabaseSequence.)
Public property Log Gets an SPLog object that represents the log of the upgrade session. The upgrade session object can be retrieved by the Session property. (Inherited from SPDelegate.)
Protected property Manager Gets the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Upgrade Manager. (Inherited from SPDelegate.)
Public property MinSupportedBuildVersion
Public property NeedsUpgrade Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the sequence object needs an upgrade. (Inherited from SPSequence.)
Protected property Object Gets the delegating object. (Inherited from SPDelegate.)
Public property PlaceHolderSequence (Overrides SPSequence.PlaceHolderSequence.)
Protected property SchemaName
Public property SchemaVersion Gets or sets the schema version for the database sequence. (Inherited from SPDatabaseSequence.)
Protected property Session Gets the upgrade session of the delegate. (Inherited from SPDelegate.)
Protected property SqlFilePath
Protected property SqlXPathNavigable
Protected property Stopped Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the upgrade is stopped. (Inherited from StopEventReceiver.)
Protected property StoredProcedureChecksumId1
Protected property StoredProcedureChecksumId2
Protected property StoredProcedureVerifier
Public property TargetBuildVersion
Public property TargetSchemaVersion Gets the target schema version for the database upgrade sequence. (Inherited from SPDatabaseSequence.)
Protected property Type Gets the type of the delegate. (Inherited from SPDelegate.)
Protected property UpgradableObject Gets the object of UpgradableObject type which is being upgraded by this sequence. (Inherited from SPSequence.)