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System.Windows.Controls, espace de noms

Provides classes to create elements, known as controls, that enable a user to interact with an application. The control classes are at the core of the user's experience with any application because they allow a user to view, select, or enter data or other information.

Classe publiqueAccessTextSpecifies with an underscore the character that is used as the access key.
Classe publiqueAdornedElementPlaceholderRepresents the element used in a ControlTemplate to specify where an adorned control is placed relative to other elements in the ControlTemplate.
Classe publiqueBooleanToVisibilityConverterRepresents the converter that converts Boolean values to and from Visibility enumeration values. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueBorderDraws a border, background, or both around another element.
Classe publiqueBorderGapMaskConverterRepresents a converter that converts the dimensions of a GroupBox control into a VisualBrush.
Classe publiqueButtonRepresents a Windows button control, which reacts to the ButtonBase.Click event.
Classe publiqueCanvasDefines an area within which you can explicitly position child elements by using coordinates that are relative to the Canvas area.
Classe publiqueCheckBoxRepresents a control that a user can select and clear.
Classe publiqueCleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgsProvides data for the CleanUpVirtualizedItem event.
Classe publiqueColumnDefinitionDefines column-specific properties that apply to Grid elements.
Classe publiqueColumnDefinitionCollectionProvides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of ColumnDefinition objects.
Classe publiqueComboBox Represents a selection control in a drop-down list form. The items in the ComboBox can be shown and hidden by clicking the Button on the control.
Classe publiqueComboBoxItem Implements a selectable item inside a ComboBox.
Classe publiqueContentControlRepresents a control with a single piece of content.
Classe publiqueContentPresenterDisplays the content of a ContentControl.
Classe publiqueContextMenuRepresents a Menu control that contains a pop-up menu. The ContextMenu allows a control to expose functionality through the use of a Menu that is specific to the context of the control.
Classe publiqueContextMenuEventArgs Provides data for a context menu event.
Classe publiqueContextMenuService Service class that provides the system implementation for displaying a ContextMenu.
Classe publiqueControlRepresents the base class for all user-interactive elements
Classe publiqueControlTemplateSpecifies the visual structure and behavioral aspects of a Control that can be shared across multiple instances of the control.
Classe publiqueDataTemplateSelectorProvides a way to choose a DataTemplate based on the data object and the data-bound element.
Classe publiqueDecoratorProvides a base class for elements that apply effects onto or around a single child element, such as Border or Viewbox.
Classe publiqueDefinitionBaseDefines the functionality required to support a shared-size group that is used by the ColumnDefinitionCollection and RowDefinitionCollection classes. This is an abstract class.
Classe publiqueDockPanelDefines an area where you can arrange child elements either horizontally or vertically, relative to each other.
Classe publiqueDocumentViewerRepresents a document viewing control that can host paginated FixedDocument content such as an XpsDocument.
Classe publiqueExceptionValidationRuleRepresents a rule that checks for exceptions that are thrown during the update of the binding source property.
Classe publiqueExpanderRepresents the control that displays a header that has a collapsible window that displays content.
Classe publiqueFlowDocumentPageViewerRepresents a control for viewing flow content in a fixed viewing mode that shows content one page at a time.
Classe publiqueFlowDocumentReaderProvides a control for viewing flow content, with built-in support for multiple viewing modes.
Classe publiqueFlowDocumentScrollViewerProvides a control for viewing flow content in a continuous scrolling mode.
Classe publiqueFrameFrame is a content control that supports navigation.
Classe publiqueGridDefines a flexible grid area that consists of columns and rows.
Classe publiqueGridSplitterRepresents the control that redistributes space between columns or rows of a Grid control.
Classe publiqueGridViewRepresents a view mode that displays data items in columns for a ListView control.
Classe publiqueGridViewColumnRepresents a column that displays data.
Classe publiqueGridViewColumnCollectionRepresents a collection of GridViewColumn objects.
Classe publiqueGridViewColumnHeaderRepresents a column header for a GridViewColumn.
Classe publiqueGridViewHeaderRowPresenterRepresents an object that is used to define the layout of a row of column headers.
Classe publiqueGridViewRowPresenterRepresents an object that specifies the layout of a row of data.
Classe publiqueGroupBoxRepresents a control that creates a container that has a border and a header for user interface (UI) content.
Classe publiqueGroupItemAppears as the root of the visual subtree generated for a group.
Classe publiqueGroupStyleDefines how you want the group to look at each level.
Classe publiqueHeaderedContentControl Base class, but not an abstract class, for all controls that contain single content and have a header.
Classe publiqueHeaderedItemsControlRepresents a control that contains multiple items and have a header.
Classe publiqueImageRepresents a control that displays an image.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasDefines an area that receives and displays ink strokes.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasGestureEventArgsProvides data for the Gesture event.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasSelectionChangingEventArgsProvides data for the SelectionChanging.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasSelectionEditingEventArgsProvides data for the SelectionMoving and SelectionResizing events.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasStrokeCollectedEventArgsProvides data for the StrokeCollected event.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasStrokeErasingEventArgsProvides data for the StrokeErasing event.
Classe publiqueInkCanvasStrokesReplacedEventArgsProvides data for the StrokesReplaced event.
Classe publiqueInkPresenterRenders ink on a surface.
Classe publiqueItemCollectionHolds the list of items that constitute the content of an ItemsControl.
Classe publiqueItemContainerGeneratorGenerates the user interface (UI) on behalf of its host, such as an ItemsControl. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueItemsControlRepresents a control that can be used to present a collection of items.
Classe publiqueItemsPanelTemplateSpecifies the panel that the ItemsPresenter creates for the layout of the items of an ItemsControl.
Classe publiqueItemsPresenterUsed within the template of an item control to specify the place in the control’s visual tree where the ItemsPanel defined by the ItemsControl is to be added.
Classe publiqueLabelRepresents the text label for a control and provides support for access keys.
Classe publiqueListBox Control that implements a list of selectable items.
Classe publiqueListBoxItemRepresents a selectable item in a ListBox.
Classe publiqueListViewRepresents a control that displays a list of data items.
Classe publiqueListViewItemRepresents an item in a ListView control.
Classe publiqueMediaElementRepresents a control that contains audio and/or video.
Classe publiqueMenu Represents a Windows menu control that enables you to hierarchically organize elements associated with commands and event handlers.
Classe publiqueMenuItemImplements a selectable item inside a Menu.
Classe publiqueMenuScrollingVisibilityConverterData binding converter to handle the visibility of repeat buttons in scrolling menus.
Classe publiquePagePage encapsulates a page of content that can be navigated to and hosted by Windows Internet Explorer, NavigationWindow, and Frame.
Classe publiquePanelProvides a base class for all Panel elements. Use Panel elements to position and arrange child objects in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.
Classe publiquePasswordBoxRepresents a control designed for entering and handling passwords.
Classe publiquePrintDialogInvokes a standard Microsoft Windows print dialog box that configures a PrintTicket and PrintQueue according to user input and then prints a document.
Classe publiquePrintDialogExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an error condition occurs during the opening, accessing, or using of a PrintDialog Control.
Classe publiqueProgressBar Control that an application uses to visually indicate the progress of a lengthy operation.
Classe publiqueRadioButton Represents a button that can be selected, but not cleared, by a user. The IsChecked property of a RadioButton can be set by clicking it, but it can only be cleared progammatically.
Classe publiqueRichTextBoxRepresents a rich editing control which operates on FlowDocument objects.
Classe publiqueRowDefinitionDefines row-specific properties that apply to Grid elements.
Classe publiqueRowDefinitionCollectionProvides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of RowDefinition objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueScrollChangedEventArgsDescribes a change in the scrolling state and contains the required arguments for a ScrollChanged event.
Classe publiqueScrollContentPresenterDisplays the content of a ScrollViewer control. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueScrollViewerRepresents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.
Classe publiqueSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.
Classe publiqueSeparator Control that is used to separate items in items controls.
Classe publiqueSliderRepresents a control that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a Thumb control along a Track.
Classe publiqueSoundPlayerActionRepresents a light weight audio playback TriggerAction used to play .wav files.
Classe publiqueSpellCheckProvides real-time spell checking functionality to text editing controls, including TextBox and RichTextBox.
Classe publiqueSpellingErrorRepresents a misspelled word in an editing control (i.e. TextBox or RichTextBox).
Classe publiqueStackPanelArranges child elements into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.
Classe publiqueStickyNoteControlRepresents a control that lets users attach typed text or handwritten annotations to documents. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueStyleSelectorProvides a way to apply styles based on custom logic.
Classe publiqueTabControlRepresents a control that allows visual content to be arranged in a tabular form.
Classe publiqueTabItemControl that implements a selectable item inside a TabControl.
Classe publiqueTextBlockProvides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of flow content.
Classe publiqueTextBoxRepresents a control that can be used to display or edit unformatted text.
Classe publiqueTextChangedEventArgsProvides data for the TextChanged event.
Classe publiqueTextSearchEnables a user to quickly access items in a set by typing prefixes of strings.
Classe publiqueToolBarProvides a container for a group of commands or controls.
Classe publiqueToolBarTrayLayout container that handles the layout of a ToolBar.
Classe publiqueToolTipRepresents a control that creates a pop-up window that displays information for an element in the interface.
Classe publiqueToolTipEventArgsProvides event information for events that occur when a tooltip opens or closes. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueToolTipServiceRepresents a service that provides properties and events to control the display and behavior of tooltips. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueTreeViewRepresents a control that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure that has items that can expand and collapse.
Classe publiqueTreeViewItemImplements a selectable item in a TreeView control.
Classe publiqueUIElementCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of UIElements.
Classe publiqueUserControlProvides a simple way to create a control.
Classe publiqueValidationProvides methods and attached properties that support data validation. This class cannot be inherited.
Classe publiqueValidationErrorRepresents a validation error that is created either by the binding engine when a ValidationRule reports a validation error, or through the MarkInvalid method explicitly.
Classe publiqueValidationErrorEventArgsProvides information for the Validation.Error attached event.
Classe publiqueValidationResultRepresents the result returned by the ValidationRule.Validate method that indicates whether the checked value passed the ValidationRule.
Classe publiqueValidationRuleProvides a way to create a custom rule in order to check the validity of user input. This is an abstract class.
Classe publiqueViewBaseRepresents the base class for views that define the appearance of data in a ListView control.
Classe publiqueViewboxDefines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.
Classe publiqueViewport3DProvides a rendering surface for 3-D visual content.
Classe publiqueVirtualizingPanelProvides a framework for Panel elements that virtualize their child data collection. This is an abstract class.
Classe publiqueVirtualizingStackPanelArranges and virtualizes content on a single line that is oriented either horizontally or vertically.
Classe publiqueWrapPanelPositions child elements in sequential position from left to right, breaking content to the next line at the edge of the containing box. Subsequent ordering happens sequentially from top to bottom or from right to left, depending on the value of the Orientation property.

Structure publiquePageRangeSpecifies a range of pages.

Délégué publicCleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the CleanUpVirtualizedItem event.
Délégué publicContextMenuEventHandler Represents the methods that handle the ContextMenuClosing and ContextMenuOpening events.
Délégué publicGroupStyleSelectorDelegate used to select the group style as a function of the parent group and its level.
Délégué publicInkCanvasGestureEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Gesture event of a InkCanvas.
Délégué publicInkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the SelectionChanging event of a InkCanvas.
Délégué publicInkCanvasSelectionEditingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the SelectionMoving event, or SelectionResizing event of an InkCanvas.
Délégué publicInkCanvasStrokeCollectedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the StrokeCollected event of an InkCanvas.
Délégué publicInkCanvasStrokeErasingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the StrokeErasing event of a InkCanvas.
Délégué publicInkCanvasStrokesReplacedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the StrokesReplaced event of a InkCanvas.
Délégué publicScrollChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that is used to handle the ScrollChanged event.
Délégué publicSelectionChangedEventHandler Represents the methods that handle the SelectionChanged event.
Délégué publicTextChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the TextChanged event.
Délégué publicToolTipEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles events that occur when a tooltip opens and closes.

Énumération publiqueCharacterCasingSpecifies the case of characters typed manually into a TextBox control.
Énumération publiqueClickMode Specifies when the Click event should fire.
Énumération publiqueDockSpecifies the Dock position of a child element that is inside a DockPanel.
Énumération publiqueExpandDirectionSpecifies the direction in which an Expander control opens.
Énumération publiqueFlowDocumentReaderViewingModeNames viewing modes for the FlowDocumentReader control.
Énumération publiqueGridResizeBehaviorSpecifies the rows or columns that are resized by a GridSplitter control.
Énumération publiqueGridResizeDirectionSpecifies whether a GridSplitter control redistributes space between rows or between columns.
Énumération publiqueGridViewColumnHeaderRoleDefines the state or role of a GridViewColumnHeader control.
Énumération publiqueInkCanvasClipboardFormatSpecifies the type of formats that an InkCanvas accepts from the Clipboard.
Énumération publiqueInkCanvasEditingModeSpecifies the editing mode for the InkCanvas
Énumération publiqueInkCanvasSelectionHitResultIdentifies the various parts of a selection adorner of an InkCanvas.
Énumération publiqueMediaStateSpecifies the states that can be applied to a MediaElement for the LoadedBehavior and UnloadedBehavior properties.
Énumération publiqueMenuItemRole Defines the different roles that a MenuItem can have.
Énumération publiqueOrientation Defines the different orientations that a control or layout can have.
Énumération publiqueOverflowMode Specifies how ToolBar items are placed in the main toolbar panel and in the overflow panel.
Énumération publiquePageRangeSelectionSpecifies whether all the pages or only a limited range will be processed by an operation, usually printing.
Énumération publiqueScrollBarVisibilitySpecifies the visibility of a ScrollBar for scrollable content.
Énumération publiqueSelectionMode Defines the selection behavior for a ListBox.
Énumération publiqueSpellingReformSpecifies the spelling reform rules used by the spellchecker of the text editing control (i.e. TextBox or RichTextBox).
Énumération publiqueStickyNoteTypeSpecifies whether a StickyNoteControl accepts textor ink.
Énumération publiqueStretchDirectionDescribes how scaling applies to content and restricts scaling to named axis types.
Énumération publiqueUndoAction How the undo stack caused or is affected by a text change.
Énumération publiqueValidationErrorEventActionDescribes whether a ValidationError object has been added or cleared.