SPMobileItemFieldIterator.IsVisibleField, méthode (Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls)

Windows SharePoint Services 3
Gets a value that indicates whether the specified SPField is visible on the current mobile form or mobile list view page.

Espace de noms : Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls
Assembly : Microsoft.SharePoint (dans microsoft.sharepoint.dll)

protected virtual bool IsVisibleField (
	SPField field



The SPField whose visibility is reported.

Valeur retournée

Returns true if the field is visible on the current form or page; otherwise, false.

In Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, several conditions can cause a field to be invisible on a form or page, such as Hidden being true or the field type being Calculated.

The visibility of the field is partly relative to the page type. For example, if ShowInEditForm is false, IsVisibleField is false when the current page is an Edit form. Similar points apply to the ShowInNewForm and ShowInDisplayForm properties.