SPMobileItemFieldIterator.IsComputedFieldSupported, méthode (Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls)

Windows SharePoint Services 3
Gets a value that indicates whether the specified SPField is one of the computed type fields that can be rendered on a mobile list view page.

Espace de noms : Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls
Assembly : Microsoft.SharePoint (dans microsoft.sharepoint.dll)

protected virtual bool IsComputedFieldSupported (
	SPField field



The SPField whose supported status is reported.

Valeur retournée

Returns true if the field is a computed type that can be rendered in a mobile list view page; otherwise, false.

In Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 IsComputedFieldSupported returns true only for the following fields.

  • LinkTitleNoMenu

  • LinkCheckedOutTitle

  • LinkFilenameNoMenu

  • LinkTitle

  • LinkFilename

  • LinkDiscussionTitle

  • BodyAndMore

  • PersonViewMinimal

  • NameOrTitle

  • URLwMenu

In Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 custom computed fields are not rendered on a mobile list view page.