SPMobileBaseChoiceField.OptionTextLengthLimit, propriété (Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls)

Windows SharePoint Services 3
Gets the maximum number of characters that any given option in the choice field can have.

Espace de noms : Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls
Assembly : Microsoft.SharePoint (dans microsoft.sharepoint.dll)

public int OptionTextLengthLimit { get; }

Valeur de la propriété

A Int32 that represents the maximum, set in the mobile web.config file, number of characters that any given choice can have.

To use this property, you must insert an add element into the mobile web.config file (see example) and then override OptionTextLengthLimitKey to return the value that you give to the key attribute of the element.

The following is an example of an add element that sets a limit on the length of an option in a class derived from SPMobileBaseChoiceField.

<add key="mobile_My_Custom_choicefieldoptiontextlengthlimit" value="20" />