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Membres SPMeeting (Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Provides methods and properties that can be used to work with a Meeting Workspace.

Les tableaux suivants contiennent la liste des membres exposés par le type SPMeeting .

  Nom Description
Champ public Statique MeetingCountRecurring Specifies a constant that indicates a recurring meeting.
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  Nom Description
Propriété publique InstanceId Gets or sets the instance identifier (ID) of a meeting.
Propriété publique MeetingCount Gets the number of meeting instances that are associated with a Meeting Workspace.
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(voir aussi Méthodes protégées )
  Nom Description
Méthode publique Add Surchargé. Adds a meeting instance to the current Meeting Workspace site.
Méthode publique AddPage Adds a page with the specified title and instanceID to the Meeting Workspace site.
Méthode publique Cancel Removes the association between a meeting and a Meeting Workspace site.
Méthode publique Equals  Surchargé. (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique GetHashCode  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Statique GetItemMeetingInstanceId Returns the identifier (ID) for the meeting instance that is associated with an item in a list in a Meeting Workspace.
Méthode publique Statique GetMeetingInformation Gets an SPMeeting object that has meeting information for the specified Web site.
Méthode publique GetType  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique GetWorkspacesToLinkTo Gets Meeting Workspace sites that are available to host a new instance of a meeting.
Méthode publique Statique IsMeetingWorkspaceWeb Determines whether the specified Web site was created by using a Meeting Workspace template.
Méthode publique LinkWithEvent Links a Meeting Workspace site with an item defined on a calendar events list in a Windows SharePoint Services Web site.
Méthode publique Statique ReferenceEquals  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Restore Restores an instance of a nonrecurring meeting to the last persisted state.
Méthode publique SetAttendeeResponse Sets an attendee response for a meeting.
Méthode publique ToString  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Update Surchargé. Updates meeting information.
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  Nom Description
Méthode protégée Finalize  (hérité de Object)
Méthode protégée MemberwiseClone  (hérité de Object)
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