Request.Select, propriété (Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp)

Windows SharePoint Services 3
Gets or sets an XPath expression that specifies the data item that the client is querying against.

Espace de noms : Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp
Assembly : Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp (dans microsoft.sharepoint.dsp.dll)

public string Select { get; set; }

Valeur de la propriété

A string that contains the XPath expression that specifies the data item. This value may be a non-row-returning item, such as a Microsoft SQL Server database or a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site, in which the query is a metadata query; or a row-returning item such as a SQL Server table or a Windows SharePoint Services view, in which case the query is a data query.

The Select property specifies XPath expressions such as the following:

  • / Query against the root.

  • /authentication   Query for the supported authentication modes.

  • /dataRoot   Query for the data root format of the adapter.

  • /querySupport   Query for the supported query types.

  • /versions   Query for the version support.

  • /database[@id='Northwind']/table[@id='CustOrderHist']   Query the stored-procedure "CustOrderHist" in the Northwind database.

  • /database[@id='Northwind']   Query for a list of table objects (tables, views, stored procedures, and so on) within the Northwind database.

  • /list[@name='Announcements']   Query against a SharePoint list.