OleDbAdapter.Query, méthode (Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.OleDb)

Windows SharePoint Services 3
Executes a query expressed as a predefined request object.

Espace de noms : Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.OleDb
Assembly : Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.OleDb (dans microsoft.sharepoint.dsp.oledb.dll)

public QueryResponse Query (
	QueryRequest request



A QueryRequest object that expresses a query in DSPQ (data retrieval service query) or Pass-Through format.

Valeur retournée

A QueryResponse object that contains the data in response to the request query.

Before calling the Query method of the OleDbAdapter class, the caller needs to set the Authentication, Request, Versions, and optionally the Connection and LocalClient properties of the IDspAdapter interface.