Propriétés DSQuery (Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

  Nom Description
Propriété publique ColumnMapping
Gets or sets the XML format that is used for data returned in the query.
Propriété publique ComparisonLocale
Gets or sets the locale that the server uses for string comparisons.
Propriété publique DspQuery
Gets or sets the filter, column selection, sorting, and row limit used in the query.
Propriété publique HasStartPosition
Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the StartPosition property has been set.
Propriété publique ResultContent
Gets or sets the type of content that is returned through the query.
Propriété publique ResultNamespace
Gets or sets the namespace to use on the query result.
Propriété publique ResultPrefix
Gets or sets a prefix for the result namespace.
Propriété publique ResultRoot
Gets or sets the root name for the XML payload.
Propriété publique ResultRow
Gets or sets a row element name for the XML payload.
Propriété publique Select
Gets or sets an XPath expression that specifies the data item that the client is querying against.
Propriété publique StartPosition
Gets or sets a string that identifies the beginning of the next page when paging is supported by the data retrieval service.
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