Membres SPPersistedObject (Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Provides the methods for an object to automatically serialize its state, persist that state in a permanent store, retrieve it at a later time, and deserialize it back into an in-memory object.

Les tableaux suivants contiennent la liste des membres exposés par le type SPPersistedObject .

(voir aussi Constructeurs protégés )
  Nom Description
Méthode publique SPPersistedObject Surchargé. Initializes a new instance of a SPPersistedObject class when creating a persisted object.
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  Nom Description
Propriété publique DisplayName Gets the display name that describes the persisted object instance within the administrative user interface.
Propriété publique Farm Gets the server farm where the object lives.
Propriété publique Id Gets or sets the GUID that is associated with the object.
Propriété publique Name Gets or sets the name that identifies a particular instance of the object.
Propriété publique Parent Gets the ID of the parent class that declares the object.
Propriété publique Properties Gets a property bag that is used to store properties for the persisted object.
Propriété publique Status Gets or sets the status of the object that the class represents.
Propriété publique TypeName Gets the display name that describes the object type in the administrative user interface.
Propriété publique UpgradedPersistedProperties  Gets the collection of field names and values for fields that were deleted or changed. (hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
Propriété publique Version Gets the time that the object was last updated.
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(voir aussi Méthodes protégées )
  Nom Description
Méthode publique Clone Returns a clone of the object that does not come from the in-memory cache, which enables calling code to help ensure thread safety.
Méthode publique Delete Removes the object from the collection and the server farm.
Méthode publique Equals Surchargé. Substitué.  
Méthode publique GetChild Surchargé.  
Méthode publique GetHashCode Substitué. Serves as a hash function for the persisted object.
Méthode publique GetObjectData  (hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
Méthode publique GetType  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Statique op_Equality Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the two specified persisted objects are equal.
Méthode publique Statique op_Inequality Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the two specified persisted objects are not equal.
Méthode publique Provision Makes the necessary changes to the local server to use the object.
Méthode publique Statique ReferenceEquals  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique ToString Substitué. Returns the type and name of an object and of all its ancestors (parent, grandparent, and so on).
Méthode publique Uncache Frees the memory cache that is used by the object.
Méthode publique Unprovision Makes the necessary changes to the local server to clean up after deleting the object.
Méthode publique Update Surchargé. Causes the object to save its state and propagate changes to all the computers in the server farm.
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  Nom Description
Méthode protégée Finalize  (hérité de Object)
Méthode protégée MemberwiseClone  (hérité de Object)
Méthode protégée OnDeserialization Substitué. Called immediately after the base class deserializes itself to do additional work.
Méthode protégée UpdateParent  Causes the containing SPPersistedObject, if one exists, to update its state. (hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
Méthode protégée Validate Validates the state of all fields before persisting the object.
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