Membres SPBackupRestoreSettings (Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Backup)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Stores a pattern of settings for a backup or restore operation.

Les tableaux suivants contiennent la liste des membres exposés par le type SPBackupRestoreSettings .

  Nom Description
Propriété publique BackupDevice Gets or sets the UNC path where the backup is stored.
Propriété publique BackupMethod Gets or sets the backup method that will be used or was used.
Propriété publique IndividualItem Gets or sets the content component that is backed up or restored.
Propriété publique IsBackup Gets a value that indicates whether the operation is a backup or a restore.
Propriété publique IsVerbose Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the output of the operation is displayed on the console in addition to being logged.
Propriété publique UpdateProgress Gets or sets a value that specifies at what points the operation should report its progress.
Propriété publique UpgradedPersistedProperties  Gets the collection of field names and values for fields that were deleted or changed. (hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
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(voir aussi Méthodes protégées )
  Nom Description
Méthode publique Equals  Surchargé. (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Statique GetBackupSettings Creates an SPBackupSettings object for the specified target and method and other values set to defaults.
Méthode publique GetHashCode  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique GetObjectData  (hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
Méthode publique Statique GetRestoreSettings Creates an SPRestoreSettings object with specified source and method and other values set to their defaults.
Méthode publique GetType  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Statique ReferenceEquals  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique ToString  (hérité de Object)
Méthode publique Validate Ensures that the correct type of SPBackupRestoreSettings-derived object is being used to hold the settings for the operation.
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  Nom Description
Méthode protégée Finalize  (hérité de Object)
Méthode protégée MemberwiseClone  (hérité de Object)
Méthode protégée OnDeserialization  Called after the object has been deserialized from the file system cache or the database.(hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
Méthode protégée UpdateParent  Causes the containing SPPersistedObject, if one exists, to update its state. (hérité de SPAutoSerializingObject)
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