IHtmlTrLoadBalancer.StrGetLauncher, méthode (Microsoft.HtmlTrans)

Windows SharePoint Services 3
Returns the name of the server hosting a launcher component to use for the document conversion.

Espace de noms : Microsoft.HtmlTrans
Assembly : Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface (dans microsoft.htmltrans.interface.dll)

string StrGetLauncher (
	string strTaskName



The name assigned to the document conversion task. Receives a value of TransformCurrentlyRunning if a task with the specified name is already running.

Valeur retournée

A string that contains a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that identifies the server hosting the launcher. Pass this value as the strLauncherUri argument to the CHICreateHtml method.

The handler page calls the StrGetLauncher method to determine the server to which it should forward the document conversion request. The load balancer component returns the name of the server that currently has the fewest document conversion tasks assigned to it. The handler then passes this value as the strLauncherUri argument to the CHICreateHtml method.

The strTaskName value is an arbitrary string value that the load balancer uses to track server load and task status. Because only one instance of a task can run at a time, choose a task name that is more or less specific, depending on how many similar concurrent requests running on the server are acceptable.

For a code example that demonstrates the use of the IHtmlTrLoadBalancer and IHtmlTrLauncher interfaces, including the StrGetLauncher method, see the CHICreateHtml method.