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scaleZ() function

Specifies a scale operation using the [1,1,sz] scaling vector, where sz is given as the parameter.

CSS Transforms Module, Level 3, Section 13.2Internet Explorer 10




( <scaling-value-z> )



Numerical value by which to scale the specified element in the z-direction.

Standards information


The effect of the scaleZ function is most evident when used in combination with functions such as the perspective and rotate (and related) functions.


The following code snippet is an example of the scaleZ function in use. When applied to a square blue div element along with the perspective function (which simulates depth) and the rotateX function, it has the effect illustrated in the image. (The light-blue square indicates the original position of the transformed element.)

div {
  transform: perspective(500px) scaleZ(2) rotateX(45deg);

A blue square div element with the perspective and rotateX functions

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