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Creating, Editing, and Incorporating Video into a Silverlight Project with Expression Encoder

Video is a powerful medium to deliver information and of course high quality video makes that information easier to digest and more enjoyable to watch. Silverlight offers the best video quality on the web today. Whether you want to deliver live HD video like the Vancouver Olympics, stream pre-recorded content like Netflix or simply add video to your Silverlight application the knowledge you need to get started is covered in this 11 video series.

Goal: By the end of these tutorials you'll have learnt how you can use Silverlight to deliver compelling, high quality video on the web. You will be able to import, create and edit video content in Expression Encoder, apply and trigger overlays on top of your video and create customized video templates in Expression Blend. Composed of a total of 11 video tutorials.

Videos in this series:

01 - What is Rich Media
(8 minutes, 10 seconds)

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