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KMDF Version History

This topic lists versions of Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF), the corresponding versions of the Windows operating system, and the changes made in each release.

You can use Microsoft Visual Studio and the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) that ships with Windows 8.1 to develop and build drivers against KMDF version 1.9 or greater that target Windows 7 or later versions of Windows.

The following table shows the release history of the KMDF library:

KMDF versionRelease methodIncluded in this version of WindowsDrivers using it run on


Windows 8.1 WDK

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1


Windows 8 WDK

Windows 8

Windows Vista and later


Windows 7 WDK

Windows 7

Windows XP and later


Windows Server 2008 WDK

Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows Server 2008

Windows 2000 and later


Windows Vista WDK

Windows Vista

Windows 2000 and later


Download only


Windows 2000 and later


Download only


Windows XP and later


† When you build a driver, you must use a WDK that can target your desired target operating system. For a list of kits and which operating systems they work with, see Windows Driver Development.

To run a driver using a later KMDF version than the one included in an operating system, you must use a co-installer or Windows Update to update the system's framework libraries. For more information, see Building and Loading a WDF Driver.

For a complete list of callbacks and methods, and which frameworks and versions they apply to, see Summary of WDF Callbacks and Methods.

KMDF Version 1.13

For information about the new features for KMDF drivers in Windows 8.1, see What's New for WDF Drivers.

KMDF Version 1.11

Version 1.11 adds the following functionality:

KMDF Version 1.9

Version 1.9 adds the following functionality:

KMDF Version 1.7

KMDF Version 1.5

KMDF Version 1.1

KMDF Version 1.0

Initial release.



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