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BizTalk RFID Architecture
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BizTalk RFID Architecture

BizTalk RFID, with its scalable architecture and security features, offers an enterprise-ready platform that facilitates development of a wide variety of RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions. The architecture is designed so that BizTalk RFID scales easily from low- to high-volume RFID deployments.

The following figure shows a high-level overview of the BizTalk RFID architecture.

Mobility and Standards Pack Architecture Overview

The figure shows the key aspects of the architecture, including the following:

  • Device Service Provider Interface (DSPI)

  • Event processing engine

  • Object model (OM) and APIs

  • Designers, tools, and adapters

  • Various enterprise applications

All RFID devices in the network communicate with BizTalk RFID through device providers. The event processing engine provides a platform for RFID business processes to execute and process tag-read events. The object model provides APIs that can be used to quickly design and deploy an end-to-end RFID process. The OM covers such items as:

  • Device management

  • Process design and deployment

  • Event tracking

  • Health monitoring

By using the rich RFID OM, individuals in an enterprise can develop solutions such as process designers, tools to manage BizTalk RFID, and adapters that bridge line-of-business applications to RFID.

Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) products such as Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Microsoft Axapta) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision) use BizTalk RFID to create RFID-enabled versions.

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