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IWMImageInfo interface

The IWMImageInfo interface retrieves images stored in ID3v2 "APIC" (attached picture) frames in a file. The methods of this interface are superseded in the Windows Media Format 9 Series SDK by the WM/Picture metadata attribute, which is supported by the methods of the new IWMHeaderInfo3 interface. If you are using the Windows Media Format 9 Series SDK, you should avoid using this interface.

An IWMImageInfo interface exists for every reader, synchronous reader, and metadata editor object. You can obtain a pointer to this interface by calling the QueryInterface method of any other interface in one of these objects.


The IWMImageInfo interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IWMImageInfo also has these types of members:


The IWMImageInfo interface has these methods.


Retrieves an image stored in a file as an ID3v2 "APIC" metadata frame.


Retrieves the number of images stored in a file using ID3v2 "APIC" frames.


For information about which interfaces can be obtained by using the QueryInterface method of this interface, see the topic for the object on which this interface is implemented.


If retrieving this interface from the metadata editor, you must wait until after the file has been opened to call QueryInterface. If you try to QueryInterface for IWMImageInfo before receiving the WMT_OPENED message in your IWMStatusCallback::OnStatus method, the call will fail.

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