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.NET Framework V2.0 Obsolete API List

These lists identify all of the APIs which are obsolete in the .NET Framework V2.0. These lists are meant to serve as a simple reference for obsoleted members and types. Where applicable, an alternate or improved version of the API that provides a more robust set of functionality is listed. If no alternative is suggested then there is no replacement for the API. It is perfectly valid to continue to use and consume a type/member which is obsoleted as a warning.

In each list, there are two separate counts specified for each assembly or namespace:

  • The Obsoleted Types count is the number of obsoleted types found in the assembly/namespace.
  • The Obsoleted Members count is the number of obsoleted members not contained in an obsoleted type. If a type is obsolete, it's members are not counted in this value.

Note: only assemblies that contain obsoleted types or members are listed.

Obsolete List: By Assembly

Obsolete List: By Namespace