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Microsoft Specific

Used to leave a critical section that was entered using _AcquireSpinLock, which signals that it is now safe to allow another thread to execute the critical section.

void _ReleaseSpinLock( 
   unsigned __int64 * Lock 

[out] Lock

The lock variable, which is the same variable used in the _AcquireSpinLock function.





Header file <intrin.h>

Other threads attempting to execute _AcquireSpinLock with the same variable see zero in the Lock variable until the thread that has the lock calls _ReleaseSpinLock on that variable. _AcquireSpinLock and _ReleaseSpinLock must occur in pairs that use the same address.

This routine is only available as an intrinsic.

For more information, see _AcquireSpinLock.