Retrieves the attributes of a list view control's column.

BOOL GetColumn(
   int nCol,
   LVCOLUMN* pColumn 
) const;


Index of the column whose attributes are to be retrieved.


Address of an LVCOLUMN structure that specifies the information to retrieve and receives information about the column. The mask member specifies which column attributes to retrieve. If the mask member specifies the LVCF_TEXT value, the pszText member must contain the address of the buffer that receives the item text and the cchTextMax member must specify the size of the buffer.

Nonzero if successful; otherwise zero.

The LVCOLUMN structure contains information about a column in report view.


col.mask = LVCF_WIDTH;

// Double the column width of the first column.
if (m_myListCtrl.GetColumn(0, &col))
{ *= 2;
   m_myListCtrl.SetColumn(0, &col);

Header: afxcmn.h

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