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IManipulationProcessor::MinimumScaleRotateRadius property

Specifies how large the distance contacts on a scale or rotate gesture need to be to trigger manipulation.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_MinimumScaleRotateRadius(
  [in]  FLOAT MinimumScaleRotateRadius

HRESULT get_MinimumScaleRotateRadius(
  [out] FLOAT *MinimumScaleRotateRadius

Property value

Specifies the minimum distance between contacts to trigger scale or rotate gestures.

Error codes


Note   This property is set in centipixels (100ths of a pixel).

Setting this value will make the manipulation processor ignore gestures that have too small of a radius. This is useful if you want to prevent a user from manipulating an object to too small of a radius. For example, if you are using a manipulation processor with a circle and want the ensure that it maintains a radius greater than 100 pixels, you would set this value to 10000.



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