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System.Workflow.Runtime.Hosting (Espacio de nombres)

Contains classes that are related to services provided to the workflow runtime engine by the host application.

This namespace contains base classes that must be used by a host application that wants to provide custom services for any of the core services used by the workflow runtime engine, except for tracking services; classes related to tracking are contained in the System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking namespace. The default services used by the workflow runtime engine for required core services that are not explicitly defined and registered with the workflow runtime by your host application are also contained in this namespace.

Clase públicaDefaultWorkflowCommitWorkBatchServiceRepresents the default version of WorkflowCommitWorkBatchService created by the workflow runtime engine if no other WorkflowCommitWorkBatch service is added.
Clase públicaDefaultWorkflowLoaderServiceRepresents the default version of WorkflowLoaderService created by the workflow runtime engine if no other workflow loader service is added.
Clase públicaDefaultWorkflowSchedulerServiceCreates and manages the threads that run workflow instances on the workflow runtime engine.
Clase públicaManualWorkflowSchedulerServiceProvides a threading service that allows the host application creating a workflow instance to donate the Thread on which the workflow instance is run. Using this threading service host applications are able to run a workflow instance on a single Thread (i.e. in synchronous mode). This mode blocks the execution of the host application until the workflow instance becomes idle. Subsequently, the workflow instance can only be executed using the RunWorkflow method of this service.
Clase públicaPersistenceExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the persistence service cannot fulfill a request.
Clase públicaSharedConnectionWorkflowCommitWorkBatchServiceRepresents the shared-connection version of the WorkflowCommitWorkBatchService service used by the runtime. In this context, shared-connection means that the service uses the same SQL connection for both the tracking and persistence services.
Clase públicaSqlPersistenceWorkflowInstanceDescriptionDescribes the workflow instances that are stored in the SqlWorkflowPersistenceService.
Clase públicaSqlWorkflowPersistenceServiceRepresents a persistence service that uses a SQL database to store workflow state information.
Clase públicaWorkflowCommitWorkBatchServiceAllows custom logic for the commitment of work batches.
Clase públicaWorkflowLoaderServiceThe abstract base class from which workflow loader services are derived.
Clase públicaWorkflowPersistenceServiceThe abstract base class from which all persistence services are derived.
Clase públicaWorkflowRuntimeServiceThe abstract base class from which the workflow runtime engine core services are derived.
Clase públicaWorkflowSchedulerServiceProvides a mechanism to implement your own thread pool to execute the workflow and manage in-memory timer registration and events.
Clase públicaWorkflowWebHostingModuleProvides a mechanism for routing the workflow instance ID to and from a WorkflowWebService to a cookie in the Web client. This class cannot be inherited.

Delegado públicoWorkflowCommitWorkBatchService.CommitWorkBatchCallbackCommits a WorkflowCommitWorkBatchService work batch.

Enumeración públicaWorkflowRuntimeServiceStateSpecifies the state of the WorkflowRuntimeService.