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CodeActivity (Clase)

Runs the code-beside method associated with an activity. This class cannot be inherited.

Espacio de nombres: System.Workflow.Activities
Ensamblado: System.Workflow.Activities (en system.workflow.activities.dll)

public sealed class CodeActivity : Activity
public final class CodeActivity extends Activity
public final class CodeActivity extends Activity
No aplicable.

Code-beside methods invoked by CodeActivity are executed in a synchronous manner; CodeActivity does not yield its thread until the thread is finished. Therefore, the execution of the code-beside method is expected to be performed and should not block with a dependency on some external resource. For example, the code-beside method should typically not invoke a Web service.

The typical use of the CodeActivity is to examine workflow instance state, and change local variables and messages.

Los miembros estáticos públicos (Shared en Visual Basic) de este tipo son seguros para la ejecución de subprocesos. No se garantiza que los miembros de instancias sean seguros para la ejecución de subprocesos.

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