StylusSystemGesture (Evento)
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UIElement.StylusSystemGesture (Evento)

Occurs when a user performs one of several stylus gestures.

Espacio de nombres: System.Windows
Ensamblado: PresentationCore (en presentationcore.dll)
Espacio de nombres XML:

public event StylusSystemGestureEventHandler StylusSystemGesture
/** @event */
public final void add_StylusSystemGesture (StylusSystemGestureEventHandler value)

/** @event */
public final void remove_StylusSystemGesture (StylusSystemGestureEventHandler value)

En JScript, se pueden controlar los eventos que define una clase, pero no se pueden definir unos propios.
<object StylusSystemGesture="StylusSystemGestureEventHandler" .../>

Identifier field


Routing strategy




For more information about stylus gestures, see SystemGesture.

This event creates an alias for the Stylus.StylusSystemGesture attached event for this class, so that StylusSystemGesture is part of the class members list when UIElement is inherited as a base element. Event handlers that are attached to the StylusSystemGesture event are attached to the underlying Stylus.StylusSystemGesture attached event and receive the same event data instance.

Touch, mouse, and stylus input exist in a particular relationship. For more information, see Touch Input Support in Windows Vista and Input Overview.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 es compatible con Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 y Windows Server 2003 SP1.

.NET Framework

Compatible con: 3.0

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