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System.Windows.Markup (Espacio de nombres)

Provides classes to support serialization and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Clase públicaArrayExtensionImplements x:Array support for the WPF XAML reader implementation.
Clase públicaComponentResourceKeyConverterConverts a ComponentResourceKey object to and from other types.
Clase públicaConstructorArgumentAttributeSpecifies that the associated property can be initialized by using constructor parameter of the specified name. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaContentPropertyAttributeSpecifies which property of a class to use as the content property when written as XAML. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaContentWrapperAttributeSpecifies a type on the associated collection type that will be used to wrap foreign content. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaDateTimeValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of DateTime.
Clase públicaDependencyPropertyConverterConverts a DependencyProperty object to and from other types.
Clase públicaDependsOnAttributeSpecifies that the associated property is dependent on the value of another property. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaDesignerSerializationOptionsAttributeSpecifies the serialization flags for a property.
Clase públicaInternalTypeHelperAbstract class used internally by the XAML compiler to support the use of internal types.
Clase públicaMarkupExtensionProvides a base class for all XAML markup extensions.
Clase públicaMarkupExtensionReturnTypeAttributeSpecifies the type that a markup extension can return. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaNamespaceMapEntryProvides information the XamlTypeMapper uses for mapping between an XML namespace URI and the corresponding CLR namespace and the assembly it is in.
Clase públicaNullExtensionImplements a XAML markup extension in order to return a null object, which you can use to explicitly set values to referencia null (Nothing en Visual Basic).
Clase públicaParserContextProvides context information required by the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) parser.
Clase públicaResourceReferenceExpressionConverterDo not use. This type supports the WPF infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Clase públicaRootNamespaceAttributeRootNamespaceAttribute is an assembly level attribute that is used to identify the value of the RootNamespace property in a project file.
Clase públicaRoutedEventConverterConverts a RoutedEvent object to and from other types.
Clase públicaRuntimeNamePropertyAttributeSpecifies the property of a class that maps to the XAML x:Name Attribute. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaServiceProvidersProvides an implementation for the IServiceProvider interface with methods that enable adding services.
Clase públicaStaticExtensionImplements a markup extension that returns static field and property references.
Clase públicaTemplateKeyConverterConverts a TemplateKey object to and from other types.
Clase públicaTrimSurroundingWhitespaceAttributeSpecifies that the whitespace surrounding an element should be trimmed. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaTypeExtensionImplements a markup extension that returns a Type based on a string attribute input.
Clase públicaValueSerializerAbstract class to convert a type to and from a String.
Clase públicaValueSerializerAttributeSpecifies which ValueSerializer class to use for a particular type or overrides which ValueSerializer to use for a property. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaWhitespaceSignificantCollectionAttributeSpecifies that a collection considers whitespace to be significant. This class cannot be inhertied.
Clase públicaXamlDesignerSerializationManagerProvides services for serialization.
Clase públicaXamlInstanceCreatorAbstract class that provides a means to store parser records for later instantiation.
Clase públicaXamlParseExceptionRepresents the exception class for parser-specific exceptions.
Clase públicaXamlReaderProvides the means to parse XAML markup into an object.
Clase públicaXamlTypeMapperMaps an XML name to the appropriate Type.
Clase públicaXamlWriterProvides a single static Save method (multiple signatures) that can be used for limited Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) serialization of provided runtime objects into XAML. This class cannot be inherited, and only has static methods.
Clase públicaXmlAttributePropertiesEncapsulates the XML specific attributes of a DependencyObject.
Clase públicaXmlLangPropertyAttributeSpecifies the property to associate with the xml:lang Attribute.
Clase públicaXmlLanguageRepresents an RFC 3066 language tag for use in XML and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) markup.
Clase públicaXmlLanguageConverterProvides type conversion for the XmlLanguage class.
Clase públicaXmlnsCompatibleWithAttributeSpecifies that the namespace in a previously defined XmlnsDefinitionAttribute is overridden by a new namespace.
Clase públicaXmlnsDefinitionAttributeSpecifies a mapping in an assembly between an XML namespace and a CLR namespace. This class cannot be inherited.
Clase públicaXmlnsDictionaryRepresents a dictionary that contains XML namespace mappings.
Clase públicaXmlnsPrefixAttributeSpecifies a recommend prefix to associate with an XML namespace when writing elements and attributes in a XAML file. This class cannot be inherited.

Interfaz públicaIAddChildProvides a means to parse elements which permit child elements or text.
Interfaz públicaIComponentConnectorProvides support for named XAML elements and for attaching event handlers to them.
Interfaz públicaINameScopeDefines a contract for how names of elements should be accessed within a particular namescope, and how to enforce uniqueness of names within that scope.
Interfaz públicaIProvideValueTargetReports object-property relationships for framework features such as binding on a dependency property.
Interfaz públicaIStyleConnectorProvides methods used internally by the markup parser to attach events and event setters on compiled content.
Interfaz públicaIUriContextDefines a base uniform resource identifier (URI).
Interfaz públicaIValueSerializerContextDefines a context that is provided to a ValueSerializer which can be used to specify special cases of serialization or different modes of serialization.
Interfaz públicaIXamlTypeResolverProvides services to help resolve XAML elements to the appropriate .NET type.

Enumeración públicaDesignerSerializationOptionsSpecifies how a property is to be serialized.
Enumeración públicaXamlWriterModeSpecifies the XAML writer mode for values that are of type Expression.
Enumeración públicaXamlWriterStateThis type supports the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.